Overlay Silver Turquoise Earrings

The fine art of silver overlay is the art of placing a thin sheet of fine silver over another metal or flat surface. The effect of this process gives the appearance of painted silver on the surface below. The art takes a lot of skill and talent when working with silver. Some Native American tribes of the Southwest are acclaimed for this skill and have been making jewelry and art with this technique for years.

Southwest Overlay Silver Turquoise Earrings

Southwest artists that use this technique will typically feature an element of the region to impress into their piece. For example, a common theme is using the overlay technique to create various images and scenes from the Southwest or Native American culture into the piece.

The symbol or pattern chosen by the artist will appear thin and delicate on the item and have a certain elegance about it.
Another facet that the Southwest and Native American artists will take advantage of, in creating overlay silver turquoise earrings and jewelry, is using of precious stones from the area, more specifically turquoise and coral.

These stones can be featured in either small circular stones or as part of the silver overlay design, giving the images or patterns color.

The most well-known examples of overlay silver turquoise earrings are the pieces of Southwestern Navajo artists. They have studied and applied this technique for countless years. Since learning overlay over a century ago, many other tribes have made use of this beautiful style as well.

The final result is truly stunning and only limited by the imagination. Using overlay, artists can create intricate works of art in their silver, typically featuring scenes from the Southwest, animals, or Native American symbolism. If you’re looking into overlay silver turquoise earrings, you can expect quality pieces.

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