Zuni Silver Turquoise Earrings

A combination of culture, history, and craftsmanship, the Zuni people have perfected their jewelry crafting art and techniques over many decades. None is more stunning than their unique style of earrings. Like many other tribes, the Zuni are keen on both silver and turquoise and use the two quite frequently in their work as well. There are a few elements that set Zuni earrings apart from the rest and it’s important to learn the difference when looking for pieces from this tribe.

Traditional Zuni Silver Turquoise Earrings

The Zuni are masters of proportion and shaping their stones and silver to fit in perfect harmony with one another. The ebb and flow of the ocean are present in these cohesive pieces that mirror the free-flowing essence of nature.

In traditional Zuni jewelry, you will find an abundance of turquoise, cut perfectly into even portions and the continued use of Native American symbolism in their pieces as well. Native Americans once had to rely on symbolism as a form of communication and this history is continually present in their art and culture.

Although the Zuni have many styles for their silver turquoise earrings (post, dangle, hook, hoop, clip, stud, etc.), they have a common theme about them. The turquoise used in the piece is typically smoothened and made glossy. The silver is clean-cut and not too intricate or ornate and the shape or animal was chosen, usually, has significant meaning within the Zuni tribe.

Artists from the Zuni tribe go to great lengths to craft their work in such a way as to reflect the values and beliefs of their people. As a result, their pieces are well-done and can be considered true works of art.

People looking to invest in Zuni silver turquoise earrings should consider the above common elements before buying something online and in-store.

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