Navajo Silver Turquoise Earrings

The Navajo are one of the largest and easily recognized Native American tribes in the country. While their beliefs, culture, and history have shaped the way they make their art and jewelry, Navajo silver turquoise earrings are pretty different than most other pieces you may encounter. However, to know the difference between traditional Navajo jewelry and their earrings, you should know what the term “traditional Navajo jewelry” is referring to.

Traditional Navajo Silver Turquoise Jewelry

In many regards, Navajo jewelry has a similar theme that can be used to tell whether the piece comes from this tribe. Traditional Navajo jewelry will feature a Southwestern stone, like turquoise in a prominent way. The Navajo will also set their pieces into sterling silver. The proportions of both silver and stone will be much larger than the setting itself, in most cases.

Looking at most modern Navajo silver turquoise earnings, however, you will see that there is no way to define the craft. It’s more expensive than the traditional framework. From the coloration to the style, Navajo earrings simply demonstrate an ornate array of colors and unique styles.

Some common types of Navajo earrings that people will find are beaded, dangle, hook, and post. The Navajo usually stick with turquoise for most of their pieces, but earrings need to display vibrancy. Navajo artists will use red coral, orange oyster shell, or black onyx to make their pieces truly stand out, reminiscent of traditional tribal dress.

Some other common pieces that might be seen are teardrop beaded earrings, using turquoise that is perfectly shaped into spheres.

From here, artists can really take any avenue they see fit to create a truly unique piece. If you’re looking into Navajo silver turquoise earrings, don’t go in expecting one particular style, there is a vast assortment to choose from in this area of jewelry.

Navajo earring artists take from their cultural heritage and use some of those elements in their work, but from there; it’s completely up to their imagination.

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